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In 1994, at the age of 36, I shattered my left knee snow skiing. Over the next 4 years I had 5 surgeries. I’ve tried a significant number of ‘alternative type’ medications and treatments. Several months ago my wife and I relocated to Boerne. My wife Becky found Dr. Archer on the internet. The rest is history. Dr. Archer is one of the few doctors to address issues of the entire body. By my fifth visit, I was able to quit taking all my pain medication. Jerry B. of Boerne TX

Jerry B.

I have had severe leg and foot pain for past 3 years which made it extremely difficult to walk. I went to my regular doctor and he did an MRI. Physical therapy followed for three months until the insurance was exhausted; since it was not helpful I chose to discontinue treatment instead of pay out of pocket. Acupuncture offered temporary relief but was difficult to schedule and very uncomfortable. Massage also offered temporary relief but required endless appointments. Finally a friend referred me to Dr. Archer who explained that his electronic stimulator broke up the lactic acid that was causing the pain and I would know within 4 treatments if it was going to work. Within a week the pain was gone and I was able to walk with no discomfort whatsoever. I am very thankful to be free from the debilitating pain, and the unending search for relief. I highly recommend Dr. Archer and his treatment.[/testimonial]

Toby Johnson

Boerne, TX

I have been going to Dr. Archer for several years now. I first went simply in an attempt to relieve some arm, back and neck pain. I soon realized that I had larger problems, thanks to Dr. Archer’s deep and extensive knowledge of anatomy and how the body works. Being an LVN in the medical field, I found his knowledge of the human body to be quite impressive. I learn new things every time I go to see him. I have used his exercises, techniques and therapies for years with success. He and his wife Barbara are kind and provide excellent customer service. If it were possible, I would go every day or at least once a week. I have never felt better than I do after a visit to his office. If you are looking for an experienced, kind and fantastic chiropractor, this is the place to go. Sincerely, Michael D. Brown LVN

Michael D. Brown LVN

My Experience at Chiropractic and Massage Center of Boerne Texas.

After my first visit to the office I was dazed for hours in amazement over the level of care and positive results I obtained from Dr. Archers’ treatment. I came in to see him because I had sciatica that had gotten severe. It started hurting Saturday night, but being use to living with pain I was able to push through the week-end. I was determined to start my new job that coming Monday. I went to work in pain and had to stand for hours, which aggravated it more. I was in so much pain I felt nausea. At the end of my shift I asked my co-worker if she knew of a good doctor in the area and she strongly suggested I see Dr. Archer. By the time I saw Dr. Archer late Monday afternoon I had aggravated many of the sciatica nerve endings going all the way down to the bottom of my right foot. I was in excruciating pain and could barely move. I had three appointments with Dr. Archer that week and by Sunday I was climbing a hill.

To better appreciate my story it would help you to know that following a car accident years ago I experienced ongoing Chiropractic, Physical and Occupational therapy including Airrosti. Over and over again I felt my doctors’ and therapists’ frustration as I didn’t improve at the rate they expected me too. Several of them said, “I don’t know what else to do for you”. They could not fix me the same way they fixed everyone else.

I was fighting an internal infection which was creating wide spread havoc on my nervous system, causing me to have ongoing muscle spasms. My muscles became so tight that it was hard to get a good adjustment and that would last. Although, even with a good adjustment and massage, no one was able to address my enraged nervous system.

With all this said, I’m so eager to let anyone and everyone know that Dr. Archer has the knowledge, experience, technique and technology to help me feel so much better from head to toe. He is the first doctor that knew how to help me with my nerve issue, and his adjustments are thorough, area specific and they do last! I also can’t say enough about Dr. Archer’s bedside manner. He is an attentive listener and takes the time to figure out how to help his patients.

I have continued to see Dr. Archer as he’s helping me peel off the layers of pain that have entangled me for years. I have a much better quality of life and want you to have the same. Don’t waste any more time in pain. Call Dr. Archer today! Wishing you health and vitality! Thankful Boerne Resident,

Bethany Collins

Bethany Collins

Boerne, TX

After receiving the adjustment for a lower back pain, Dr Archer used a device to spread out the built up acid in the sore area. It was very effective and painless. I could feel immediate results around the sore area. I had the procedure a couple of hours ago and although I’m a little sore I feel that is a result of the adjustment and the use of the machine will allow the sore area to heal faster.

Steve Nugent

Boerne, TX

I came to Dr. Archer for help with restless leg syndrome. I have had to endure periods of this at night for over twenty years. I had been to doctors and received no permanent relief. During the first visit, Dr. Archer applied paddle-like devices to my hip and upper leg area that sent an electrical-type feeling through my hip and leg muscles. With the first treatment the restless legs stopped. As a result, other muscles on the same side of my body were released from tightness including an abdominal muscle which caused great pain when I coughed hard or bent over. I have been for only one follow-up appointment. None of these symptoms have recurred, and I am able to do things without pain or tightness which I was not able to do before the treatment.

Mary Procknow

Boerne, TX

I am a retired Los Angeles City and County law enforcement officer. Entering and exiting a patrol car for 30 plus years has really been hard on my back, not to mention the traffic collisions that I have been involved in.

Through the years I have received various types of treatment for pains to my middle and lower back. I have recently received laser surgery on my lower back. I have never been satisfied as the pain continued and I had resolved myself to the fact that I would always have back pain treated with pain medication, I would just have to endure and live with the pain. Since my retirement six years ago we have made San Antonio our home. The pain in my back remained the same and my neck pain developed to the point that I had restricted side to side mobility. I became concerned for my safety and others driving on these Texas roads and highways, I needed relief.

I have had chiropractic treatment with little success and I now felt that I had run out of options. I made an appointment to see Dr. Archer. His receptionist told me that Dr. Archer had a new technique. I had my doubts, but just after one visit, I saw and felt the range of motion in my neck to greatly improve.

I saw Dr. Archer again for a second visit on which he treated my middle and lower back. the day after I did feel some discomfort. My discomfort subsided. I saw Dr. Archer for a third treatment, my neck and back have greatly improved. I had grown accustomed to taking a pain pill nightly prior to going to bed to assure myself of falling asleep without pain. I have now gone three weeks without taking any pain medication, my neck and back are much better.

I will continue to see Dr. Archer as needed to just keep me tuned up.

Thanks Doc, you made me a believer.



I’m a field biologist, and due to intensive field work on 4-wheeler about 15 years ago, I received some serious muscle tears in my shoulders, which in turn, affected my neck and head. At one point, I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy because my face had become partially paralyzed. Over time, we learned that it was due to the tears in my shoulders, and was resolved through chiropractic therapy. I thought I got over that hump, but this past year, I developed severe pain in my upper arms, accompanied by severe migraine headaches. One of my good friends told me about Dr. Archer and his device. I talked to my own doctor about it, and we decided to give it a try before proceeding with any scans (expensive scans!). Upon my first visit with Dr. Archer, I was surprised to receive immediate relief. After 5 treatments and some exercises that he prescribed, my headaches can now be managed through my exercises and treatments at his office (which are needed less often). He also treated my arms and pinpointed some “micro-tears”, and we are now treating those with much relief. I’m a true believer, and it has saved me a lot of money and left me healthier than ever!

Dr. Diana Doan-Crider

Sisterdale, TX

I have severe scoliosis, degenerative disc disease to the lumbar spine, and nerve impingement. Chronic pain is a part of my life. Dr. Archer applied the device to my back muscles. I walked out with instant relief from the back spasms and only have treatments as needed.

Peter Wowryk

Peter Wowryk


Dear Dr. Archer,

This letter is from a very satisfied patient. When I came to you for treatment, I had lived the past 2 years with a great deal of discomfort and pain. My pain was emanating from my back, my upper left leg and my left shoulder. The pain was a result of recent injuries incurred from a fall off a ladder and an automobile accidents.

I had previously received treatment from both medical and chiropractic doctors with no relief.

The treatments I received during the course of three consecutive visits has relieved my pain to a point where it is hard to recall the discomfort and pain with which I was living prior to your treatments.

Thank you for what you have done for me. Your therapy works. While I was skeptical in the beginning, I can attest that your methods are remarkable and amazing. While I do not know the names of the procedures I can say without reservation that they work. I will recommend your services to all of my friends who may have similar problems in the futures.

Thank you again,


Robert E. Mulherin

Robert E. Mulherin

Dr. Robert Archer has helped the circulation in my legs, feet and hands with a device he uses. While helping on my legs Dr. Archer suggested I see a vascular doctor, which was much needed. Without the help of Dr. Archer and the device, my vascular problem would have remained unknown to me. For his help I am thankful.

J. Terry

J. Terry

I arrived from Canada to visit with family and was having a lot of pain to my left hip and buttocks area. I visited Dr. Archer’s Chiropractic Clinic. He applied the device on the areas of pain. It took between 1-3 treatments for total relief with no adjustments necessary. I have had no pain to those areas for 6 months now. It was a Godsend.

Hilaria Wowryk

Hilaria Wowryk


Dr. Archer’s therapeutic technology pinpoints the pain areas allowing him to work on specific areas until the pain is released. I like how I could feel my muscles release and relax. I felt normal again!

Lynette Brehm

Fair Oaks

I went to Dr. Archer near the end of my pregnancy due to severe pain in my buttocks and leg and an inability to walk. The device was able to relax my muscles and significantly decrease the pain so that I could be functional till the end of my pregnancy. I have since used it for intercostal neuritis, sciatica and lower back pain and have been very happy with my results.

Carla Relf

Carla Relf

I have spent years dealing with back pain, and have never felt better since visiting Dr. Archer. I have gone through weeks of physical therapy and medication to yield results not even half as effective as Dr. Archer’s methods. Most recently, weeks of pain in my back and leg were eliminated within a 20 minute appointment. Dr. Archer has worked on two places on my back, and a shoulder injury. Each of these were alleviated within one appointment, without medications or physical therapy. I would highly recommend Dr. Archer to anyone.

Stacy Walter

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

My job as an electric lineman is very physically demanding. This type job also has me looking up much of the time, so my back and neck are always in need of a chiropractor. And then in 1995 I had to have back surgery due to an on-the-job injury. The surgery helped, but I still needed chiropractic services. And you know that finding the right chiropractor is not easy. I have been treated by many chiropractors over the years, both before and after my back surgery. It seems they all have the same “cookie-cutter” method of getting everybody in and out with the same treatment no matter what. And then they all want you to come back for a large number of visits in order to fix whatever your ailment is. It always just seemed to be a numbers game. I never received personal attention and treatment like I have from Dr. Archer and Barbara.

I found Dr. Archer and his wife Barbara not long after they moved to the Fair Oaks, TX area and it was a great day in my life! I made an appointment with Barbara and she gave me a good relaxing massage. That allowed Dr. Archer to be able to give me the adjustment that I desperately needed! He has the touch! And he doesn’t let you leave his office until you have been given some relief.

On a following visit, Barbara advised me that Dr. Archer had a new device that would release my tense and sore muscles. I agreed to try it. So after Dr. Archer gave me an adjustment, he led me to a room across the hall to where the device was. He attached small pads to the device and placed them on my skin at the sore area. He turned on the device and moved the pads around with his fingers. I felt some tingling and then the pad touched a sore muscle. The muscle tensed up and held that way while the device worked its magic for several seconds, and then all of a sudden, the muscle just let go! When the muscle released, it was immediate relief! It is hard to explain or believe. But it works. And it works really well! I enjoy getting a relaxing massage from Barbara, but time does not always permit me that luxury. And the device is able to quickly release muscles that a massage would just not be able to get to! Thank you Dr. Archer for developing the device!

Ron Murphy, Boerne, TX

Ron Murphy

Boerne, TX

Dr. Archer has a procedure that is for sore muscles that is awesome. He uses touch and an electrical machine for excellent results. I have enjoyed the results with great success. Thank you doctor for your help.

Paul Troublefield

San Antonio

A car accident left me with multiple herniated disks in my neck, and I have been in constant pain for over a year and a half. Weekly physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic care have helped, but since I started the electrical stimulation treatment with Dr. Archer I have made significant progress. My range of motion is much better, and my level of pain is greatly reduced. It is like a tight spring has been released, and the disks are finally getting a chance to repair.

Paula Maywald

I was referred to Dr. Archer from my daughter’s classmates mom after moving to Boerne. Dr. Archer has used an electronic muscle massage machine on most occasions, and I have been greatly impressed by the results. Most injuries are treated and healed in one visit. I would highly recommend Dr. Archer and this new treatment to anyone with pain or discomfort.

Sam Peters

Boerne ,TX

In 2011 I had a vertebroplasty done resulting in cement getting on my left Sciatic Nerve. It resulted with pain going down my left leg with limited mobility. I was treated with weeks of physical therapy, then cortisone injections, acupuncture and deep massage with no pain relief. In 2012 I went to Dr. Archer and he started me on the stimulus therapy which resulted for the first time with pain relief. I now get a treatment for pain every 1-2 months and sometimes longer periods of time between treatments.

Marty N Goppert

Marty N Goppert

Dear Dr. Archer,

I wanted to express my joy regarding the electronic treatments I received the last two weeks. I was in terrible pain, back ache and both knees very sore. After the four treatments I am free of pain and my flexibility has improved extremely well. I look forward to receiving more treatments along my spine. I look forward to my trip because I now know I will be able to walk and be free of pain. Look forward to my appointment when I return.


Elaine Lloyd

Elaine Lloyd

Dr. Archer is hands down the best of Chiropractors, Ive been to 20 in the past, but the search is over. His wife Barbara is awesome too. What a team, thank God they are in Boerne for us all to be “healed by the hands of Bob”



Dr. Archer devoted time to explain the tech behind every thing he did for me. He is one of the few medical professionals not owned by the clock. I have, and will, refer my patients to him with confidence.


San Antonio

I have been in and out of chiropractic care most of my life and have reached a point where I feel it would be best for me to establish myself with a clinic that I can stay with long term. I have chronic pain and migraines that I am seeking treatment for. At this time my pain level is manageable without medication and I would like to reduce it even further and simply feel better. I do take medication for the migraines but I feel I could take less with treatment. I am 47 and have Aetna insurance. I am self employed and have a flexible schedule. I am looking to make an appointment the week of the 14th and seeking a weekly appointment until I make some progress and can go longer without it.

Shawn Lee Reagan

After only two treatments, Dr. Archer’s technique has had a profound affect on my neck and back injury which I have suffered from since my automobile accident in 1980, Dr. Archer’s technique is as effective as being rolfed without the discomfort. I highly recommend him and his clinic.

Patrice Parsons

Houston, Texas

Dr. Archer has really changed my life. I have dealt with migraine headaches for most of my life and have never had a means of reprieve. Not even pain killers would work. Dr. Archer’s specialized “tins unit” gives me relief during a migraine attack and also has lessened my migraine intensity where I can actually function more normally during the day rather than being confined to bed for days at a time. I no longer have vomiting symptoms. I can eat all during the migraine which prior to would make me very nauseated. Thanks to you Dr. Archer and your specialized machine I am a new person!


Boerne, TX

I am a 67 year old retired high school and college coach and semi-retired medicare insurance salesman. I have osteoarthritis and have had one hip replacement in 2009 and the other hip is now shot. I have been almost living in my recliner refusing to go most places with my wife because of the pain in my hip when I walked. I have tried every pain pill in the book. After 2 treatments with Dr. Archer I haven’t had a pain pill since my first treatment. I had one follow up treatment today and I am sure excited to tell you I actually went to Wal-Mart with my daughter and had absolutely no pain. Don’t tell my wife though- I hate shopping- so it doesn’t need to become a habit. I was at my wits end. I was sure after taking all the pills I was doomed to my chair. My daughter, also a patient, said “Dad, you’ve got to see my Dr., he can help you.” Skeptic, that I am drove 250 miles and my skepticism changed after one treatment. I am now excited about living again. Dr. Archer’s electric gizmo has made a believer out of this old ex-jock and coach. Thanks Doc. You are terrific.

Dick Kraft

Breckenridge, TX

I had surgery in 2009 for a ruptured disc that left my left foot numb and frequent pain in my left leg. I went first to another chiropractor that had me come 3 times a week and use the typical therapy of ultrasound, TENS units and the like which did little to relax my muscles and was over by the time I walked out the door. I found out about Dr. Archer in 2011 from a co-worker that he had helped. The first time Dr. Archer used his machine it helped relax the sore and tense muscles in my back and legs. For the first time my muscles truly relaxed and they stayed relaxed. I no longer need to go multiple times a week, but only go back when my muscles start too tighten up. On average I will go in for a treatment every 6 to 8 weeks even if I feel good this helps to keep me out of pain. His machine finds the sore tender spots and he holds it on the sore muscle until I feel it relax and he moves on to the next spot. His machine is the first procedure that I have come across that keeps me out of pain…it works. Sincerely, David Gresham Sr. Project Engineer

David Gresham

Boerne, TX

I had a lot of pain in my upper right shoulder. He treated me with his unique deep tissue machine and I was virtually pain free in one visit. The immediate pain relief is amazing!


Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy 2 1/2 weeks ago. The ER doctor ruled out the possibility of a stroke with a head and neck CT Scan and prescribed prednisone and patience, for everyone is different, and there is no time frame to how long the paralysis in the right side of my face would last. Follow up with my family Dr yielded the same results, with another week’s worth of Prednisone to eliminate the inflammation in my cranial nerve. A week and 1 day passed when a client of mine recommended Dr Archer. Telling me all about his homeopathic procedures and his device, how he helped a friend of hers that went to him with Bell’s Palsy, and that I deserve a second opinion , I called. Barb answered the phone, I told her my dilemma, who referred me, and they saw me the same day. When I arrived, Barb greeted me like she’s known me forever, with the most sincere empathy. This kindness alone made me feel so good, for I could not move the right side of my face, eye or mouth. When Dr Archer called me in, he sat right in front of me, and listened to me, without interruption, to what I was experiencing. Then, he TAUGHT me about what might be happening with the nerves in my neck that control the muscles in my face and why it might be happening. WOW. We are sitting talking….AND HE’S TAKING NOTES:)))). Now, immediately, on to treatment! The low frequency machine he uses is right on….we go to therapeutic level, muscle releases, moving on and forward following the path of my inflamed and bound up muscles and nerves, coaching me to breathe and relax the entire way, we come to the end of the treatment. He helps me up, talks with me again, and finds out where the adjustments need to be placed. First adjustment, coaching me how he wants me to invision relaxation, and done. The right side of my facial nerves are already reacting!!! Amazing! I just had my 3rd session, and in 1 week, am almost back to normal! The low frequency machine he uses, his practice, and my client’s recommendation have been a God send for me. He even helped me during my visit when I told him I was having trouble at the same time with my sciatic. No hesitation, or additional appt…..he said we needed to get it right now…..and, no additional charge! I actually hugged his neck after my first visit because I was so grateful the pain was lessened. Now, thanks to Dr Archer using the low electrical frequency device, my nerves are waking up and sending the signals so I can smile and wink again faster than just “patiently waiting” with my dr’s recommendation. You deserve a second opinion! I will continue to see Robert & Barb for my well-being for the rest of my life, and my family members’ as well.

Cindy Kirk

Bulverde, TX

The best experience ever with a Chiropractor. Dr Archer ID’d the problem immediately and in one visit eliminated the problem. He did not suggest I maintain a plan with multiple visits as have all other Chiropractors I have seen in the past. The electronic treatment is far superior and much more effective then the classic bone crushing treatment others use.

Jim Brady

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX

I’m a RN who is used to having a “little back pain” that I just associate with my job. After rest it usually is gone, but just recently after having my first child I experienced back pain that would not go away with rest or medicine. Dr Archer was referred to me by a family member. I have never had chiropractic therapy before. After one treatment with Dr Archer and his muscle stimulator machine my back pain was 90% better. Then after a follow up visit 2 days later my back pain was resolved. I’m so excited to have found a therapy that works for me!

Kara Silva

Boerne, TX

I developed tendonitis in my shoulders about 9 months ago. It got to where I could not reach behind my back to put my belt on. I had various treatments that seemed to help for a few days but did not last. I saw Dr. Archer and he examined and did some adjusting and then applied his electric stem procedure. I felt immediate relief and have had two additional treatments and I now have much less pain and much more range of motion in my shoulders. No problems putting my belt on now.

Jody Wyse

Boerne, TX

I have suffered ongoing neck pain from a car accident that occurred over ten years ago. The pain comes and goes and I have tried many different things to alleviate pain and loss of range of motion… My neck had gotten to a point where I could only turn about 50% full range without severe pain… Nagging headaches also add to the problem… I visited Dr. archer and sought low voltage therapy and after 3 visits I have full range of motion, no pain, and no headaches… This therapy really works and has helped me with the nagging pain that had been constant over the past 10 years… If you have tried other therapies and have not had the results you want, I would highly recommend you go see Dr. Archer… He is the best!


Christian Guerra

Christian Guerra

San Antonio, TX

I was referred to Dr. Archer through my son and my wife who RAVED about how much that he had helped them. I was in so much pain with my shoulder that I couldn’t sleep nor could I lift my arm at all. It was painful to shower. I was putting off shoulder surgery when my wife made me go to Dr. Archer. That was 5 weeks ago and 4 sessions. Today, I have almost no pain and I really can’t believe that he has so painlessly made my life better.

Thank you Dr. Archer!!!

Vic Vaughan

Boerne/San Antonio, Texas

I had endured four days of a severe stiff neck before calling Dr. Archer. I had zero mobility upon entering his office. At the end of the first session I had a 25% improvement. After the second session I had a 50% improvement. Following my third session I was back to 100%!! Dr. Archer uses an electronic stimulator for the muscles and the intensity varies from area to area. It’s very comfortable and effective. He recommended a series of neck exercises to avoid future problems. I’ll followup in two months for one more session. I highly recommend Dr. Archer’s approach to skeletal care and improvement.



Dr. Archer was recommended by a friend. I saw him for chronic headaches and after 1 treatment with the low voltage muscle stimulator (don’t actually remember the name of his machine) I had instant relief! I will continue to see Dr. Archer and his “machine” to avoid pain and unnecessary medications 🙂

Dee Ann

Fair Oaks Ranch

While visiting family in San Antonio they recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Archer. They had been using his special brand of treatments already, with wonderful results. He and Barbra were very helpful and professional. After his initial examination, he recommended a treatment that I have never had done. Dr. Archer is one of a kind! Your deep-muscle electrical stimulation treatments coupled with hip/spine adjustments are quite amazing. I was given relief from most of my pain in the first visit. The back/hip/leg pain that I had been crippled by over the last year, were finally starting to get some relief. I had altogether given up hope of ever not living in pain. I had spent more time other Doctor and PT offices than any one should, with no relief from pain or symptoms. Now after three visits I am almost pain free. I have also been given back normal mobility in my hip. Dr. Archer also found and fixed an area in my left calf that I had all but forgot about due to the extensive pain from elsewhere. No more drugs or going thru treatments that don’t help. Dr. Archer is one of the few doctors who will take the time to address issues of health and wellbeing of the entire body. I have to return to Santa Fe where I live, and I will greatly miss my ability to have you to rely upon for my regular treatment. Whenever I am in San Antonio you can rest assured I would be making more appointments. I cannot thank you enough! Sincerely, Patrick Mckeough

Patrick Mckeough

Santa Fe, NM

I was referred to Dr Archer when visiting TX for treatment for my occipital nerves. I was having tension headaches and migraines because of the inflamed nerves. The targeted biofrequency treatment helped me tremendously. I have been trying to find a doctor that uses targeted biofrequency locally. It provides pain relief that would last for several days. I was able to stop taking the prescriptions for my migraines because of the efficacy of the TBF.

Emily A.

Athens, Ga

Dr. Archer promptly and properly diagnosed my lower-back pain and extreme muscle tension, and with a combination of chiropractic and electric stimulus treatments had me back in erect posture and free of pain after five sessions. The daily stretching and spine straightening procedures Dr. Archer recommended are an important part of my daily routine. Thanks much, Dr. Archer. You’ve made me taller.


San Antonio

Thank you Dr. Archer. Everytime I go in my muscular issues/strains are always cured. What’s great is that after treatment, the issue is resolved and I don’t have to keep going in for the same problem. Highly recommend to anyone with muscle/skeletal issues. One of the best treatment options out there. Thanks. – Joey Palomo



Dr Archer, just wanted to thank you for the instant relief I get from your electric therapy . I have tried other avenues such as massage therapists, acupressure, acupuncture, standard chiropractors, muscle relaxers, and none of them seemed to be the fix. I could barely walk last monday because of injured and cramping left leg muscles and tendons. After my secession with your magic electric box, I had instant relief and could walk and bend my leg. My tens machine and muscle relaxers couldn’t touch it. It also worked miracles on my other leg after my complete left knee replacement. 3 1/2 months of physical rehab and $3000 later, and I was still having pains and mobility problems. After 6 appts with your electric procedure , I have full range of motion with very limited discomfort. Thank you and God Bless you. Sincerely, Glen Jarrard

Glen Jarrard

I have had chronic upper and mid back pain for many years. I have tried everything from deep tissue massage, physical therapy, weeks/months of chiropractic treatments, even surgery! With only 4 treatments, Dr. Archer dramatically decreased my pain with the use of an electrical muscle stimulation treatment that he uses in conjunction with traditional chiropractic adjustments. I love that I received relief in such a short amount of time and wasn’t pressured to pay for weeks of treatments, only to come back as needed.



My family and I have been going to Dr. Archer and Barbara for several years now. By far and away the best doctor of chiropractic I have ever utilized. Both of these fine people are extremely talented and beyond that are great friends. Very caring and professional. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


Corpus Christi, TX

Dr Archer is a God send. I have an injury from my military time and have had little luck with many treatment options. I have a TENS unit that was barely scratching the surface of my issues. My sciatica grew very severe after my daughter was born and I had tried several other chiropractors before finding him through a referral from a friend. His treatment plan and thorough understanding of what was going on created a very successful result for me. Before seeing him I was going a few times a month to the chiropractor with little resolve, now I am able to go 4-6 months without seeing him which is AMAZING to me. His TBF machine is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It is the first treatment that got to my deep muscles which were creating the issues. I do not have skeletal problems at all which is why most traditional chiropractors did not provide relief. The next best thing in his office is Barbara, his office assistant and wife, who provides amazing customer service. Their commitment to their clientele is what makes this office a gem hidden right off I10. THANK YOU to both of you.


San Antonio

I just got home from seeing Dr.Archer! He was amazing! Both he and his lovely wife Barbara are very personable, and understanding! The office was calm and I was taken for my appointment right on time if not a bit early! After he popped my neck a few times with minimal discomfort, we went to a machine that pulled out my pinched nerves and gave me a super deep tissue massage. At the beginning of the appointment, I was barely able to turn my head, 10 degrees, and after the appointment, I regained most of my range of movement! I am following his advice and am not looking for where my neck hurt, and am taking the rest of the day off at home to relax, before returning to work tomorrow, as he said I may feel sore due to the lactic acid that my muscles are releasing. Dr. Archer is the first doctor that I have seen to not scratch his head in bewilderment over the wide spread and random pain I tend to get. He knew exactly where the pain comes from and is confident he can relieve that pain when necessary! I am also confident after this visit that he can help me live a more pain free life! I see great things in the future of my mobility and I can’t thank Dr. Archer enough! This was my first chiropractic visit and it sure wont be my last! Anytime I am in pain, Dr. Archer will be my first call!



I have been seeing Dr. Archer for quite a long time and what I appreciate most is his ability to give me adjustments/treatments that last. Seldom are my needs so great that I have to see him more than a couple of times to resolve the issue. I’m not big on mainstream medical though I do use it, more often I’ll go to Dr. Archer first in hopes of avoiding the further need of medical help. 4 thumbs up doc (I hope that’s all the thumb required)

Tom K W


I have had severe leg and foot pain for past 3 years which made it extremely difficult to walk. I went to my regular doctor and he did an MRI. Physical therapy followed for three months until the insurance was exhausted; since it was not helpful I chose to discontinue treatment instead of pay out of pocket. Acupuncture offered temporary relief but was difficult to schedule and very uncomfortable. Massage also offered temporary relief but required endless appointments. Finally a friend referred me to Dr. Archer who explained that his electronic stimulator broke up the lactic acid that was causing the pain and I wound know within 4 treatments if it was going to work. Within a week the pain was gone and I was able to walk with no discomfort whatsoever. I am very thankful to be free from the debilitating pain, and the unending search for relief. I highly recommend Dr. Archer and his treatment.

Toby Johnson


Before I went to see you I was seeing another chiropractor for occasional spine and hip adjustments. I would also frequently experience rotor cuff pain and stiffness as well as back spasms. My conditions did not seem to improve and I found having to go biweekly to see him.

My daughter recommended you to me and my first treatment proved very beneficial concerning the above conditions. I went for a whole week completely pain free. My second and third treatments helped even more and I am now pain free for extended periods of time.

Your deep-muscle electrical stimulation treatments coupled with massage and hip/spine adjustments are quite unique and very helpful.

I am grateful to have found such a learned professional and truly appreciate your patience and your detailed explanations.


Cecilia Traslavina

Cecilia Traslavina

My name is Adam Naglich and I play professional hockey in Europe. I injured my back during the season, and when I arrived back in the US I started having sciatica pain. I visited a chiropractor in my home town of Las Vegas for the first month I was back. After little to no results I gave up the chiropractic treatments. While visiting family in Texas they recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Archer. He was very intelligent and professional. He recommended a treatment that I have never had done. It was a low volt stem machine that really got deep into the muscle, and really helped with my sciatica. After each visit my pain and flexibility would get better. After about 5 visits I am close to 100 percent. I would recommend anyone with sciatica to give Dr. Archer a chance before it gets to the point that surgery is your only option.

Adam Naglich

Las Vegas, NV

I was referred to Dr. Archer by a client where I work. I was in chronic pain from the base of my skull to the bottom of my feet for over 10 years the pain was due to severe trauma from accidents and from illness. No amount of physical therapy or massage had helped. Pain medication did not help at all The TBF treatments and adjustments have totally alleviated my pain. I have only been going to Dr. Archer for about 3 months. I was recently diagnosed with Epstein-Barr virus, adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome. I have not used any pain meds or other meds for the past 2 years. I have told my doctor about my amazing healing from the TBF treatments. It has worked 100% where nothing else has.


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